My name is Gunnar Holmberg, I live with my wife Kristina just outside a little town called Strängnäs, 80 km. west of Stockholm.

I made my first knife back in 1995 for my son who was doing his military service at the time. He has since confessed to me that it was exellent for opening cans! 🙂

From that moment on,knife making has developed into my big hobby and passion, I have everaged around 10-12 knives a year.

In 2009 I participated for the first time in the Swedish championship in class U.B. and to my delight my knife came on 3rd  place! This result has encouraged the competitor within me, and I will hopefully participate in more knife competitions in the future.

2010 3rd place again in class U.B. An achievement certainly, but does this mean that I’ve not improved my skills over the past 12 months? 😉 My personal take on the situation is that the competition is tougher with the ability of my peers improving!

2011 Swedish Championship, hmmm I shall not dwell on this painful episode for too long as my hand made Mora knife project sailed a little too far from the wind!

However I entered the Nordic Championships this year and although I had early reservations about my knife ”Blue Vulcan”, my effort was rewarded with 3rd Place. 🙂

2012 1st place in Söderhamns knifecompetition, 3rd place in the Nordic Championship in Ludvika

and 2nd place in the Swedish Championship in Ullared :).

2013 was the year when I painted the whole town red 😉

2014 3rd place in the Nordic Championship in Ludvika, and 2nd place in the Swedish Championship 🙂

2015 2nd place in the Swedish Championship and 2nd place in Knifedays in Söderhamn 🙂

2016, what a year! 1st.place with a little necker in the Nordic Championship in Ludvika 🙂

and, at last, 1st. place in the Swedish Championship in Söderhamn 🙂

2017, first place in the Swedish Championship in Norrkoping. And 2nd place in the Nordic Championship in Ludvika.


I hope you enjoy following my blog and please feel free to post any comments!

You can now also follow ”agunnarknife” on instagram 🙂


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